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News > Scottish Women and Girls In Sport Week - Frances' Story

Scottish Women and Girls In Sport Week - Frances' Story

This week is Scottish Women and Girls In Sport Week. Across the week a programme of activity aims to encourage more women and girls into sport and physical activity, raising awareness of opportunities and addressing the barriers that lead to lower activity rates among women.

Here at Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland, our own physical activity specialist Frances Tait is passionate about the health benefits, mental and physical, from sport and physical activity.

Frances works with service users living with mobility issues after a stroke event or who are living with a heart or lung condition. She delivers virtual sessions that cover issues such as how to feel more in control of breathing (pacing), understanding breathlessness while being physically active, improving balance and increasing functional strength.

A self-confessed fitness addict and mother of three daughters, Frances has been delivering fitness classes for 24 years and specialises in working with vulnerable populations.

She says: “Sport and physical fitness are hugely important for our self-worth and self-esteem. I have a passion for physical activity because I know how it can improve both mental toughness and physical strength.

“I was mad about sport when I was at school, and my dream was to be a PE teacher, but life didn’t work out like that. I began teaching aerobics and physical fitness in my late 20s, and it has become my life’s work and, at times, also a coping mechanism.

“Being active means you can cope better with the other challenges that life chucks at you, whether that’s a health issue such as stroke or another other life-changing event.

“For many of us, motivation can be a huge challenge and it can be really difficult to get started. Having a goal in mind, no matter how small or big, can help and you can achieve your goals with the right support behind you.

“Choose something for you, not for anyone else, something that drives you and gives you that feel-good factor. Feeling healthy on the inside mentally, emotionally and physically is very important.

“And once you’ve started, give it all your all. Take time to recover, recognise how far you’ve come. And only look back to see how far you’ve come.”

For information on Scottish Women and Girls In Sport Week, go to  or check out #SheCanSheWill

The CHSS Virtual Physical Activity Peer Groups have been set up to support people to get active and connect with others. CHSS will provide a range of intensity options from chair to circuits based activity.

If you’d like to get involved, click here to fill out our self-referral form.

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