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One in Five Report

Our One in Five report reveals that people are struggling with their mental health, unable to get consistent access to rehabilitation programmes and even having to pay for services to help their recovery. We can’t live with that.

Rehabilitation helps people live life to full. We believe that everyone should have a universal and equal Right to Rehab. But to make this happen we need your help.

Support our campaign calling for the Health Secretary, Jeane Freeman MSP, to establish a universal and equal Right to Rehab to make sure that everyone in Scotland with chest, heart and stroke conditions has the best chance of recovery.

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Rob’s heart stopped for 24 seconds. Without our research it might have stopped forever.

Rob was having unexplained blackouts and took part in a research trial we funded. The trial revealed shocking results. Over a two week period his heart stopped four times including once for 24 seconds. Within 24 hours of the results, Rob had a pacemaker fitted.

He said “Research has given me my life back. I now have a future with my family to see my children grow up.”

Our research changes lives. We need your help right now to fund it.

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Everyone Has The Right
To Live Life To The Full

Across Scotland, over 1 million people – that’s one in five of the population – are living with the effects of serious chest and heart conditions and stroke.

After a diagnosis of a chest or heart condition or a stroke, many people experience fear and isolation and struggle with the impact on their lives. Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland won’t stand for that. The care and support we deliver every day ensures everyone can live the life they want to.

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Sharon and Robert

Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland urges the Health Secretary to bring life-changing stroke procedure back into Scottish hospitals

The call comes after it was revealed earlier this year that a procedure called thrombectomy is no longer available to patients in Scotland but is still available elsewhere in the UK. In 2017, only 13 people received this life-changing treatment but as many as 600 would have benefited.

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Our Fundraising Heroes

Your support can change lives and provide a lifeline for those in Scotland who are isolated, scared or anxious about their condition. Your time, commitment and donations help us to reach more people every day. Fundraise, donate or shop with us and help us to make a difference today.

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Our Services

By your side, on your side

If you need help, support or information, we are here for you and your family. Our committed team of staff and volunteers work hard, day in day out, to support people living with our conditions in their local communities.

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Volunteering with us

Quite simply, we cannot provide our services or raise funds without the amazing support of our volunteers. The time, support and the work you do is vital to us and the people we help.

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