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No Life Half Lived

We vow to be there for more people who need us!

Our new refreshed No Life Half Lived strategy is to ensure that we can be there for anyone who needs us. Our vision is to help shape a Scotland where people with our conditions can live their lives well. Full lives, with the right support, at the right time, and in the right place.

Discover how we are working to deliver this vision and expanding our partnerships across Scotland.

No Life Half Lived Strategy 23-28

All money raised in Scotland stays in Scotland

Every penny you donate goes towards making sure people in Scotland and their families get the support they desperately need. Can you make a gift today and help us reach thousands more people in Scotland who need us.

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Your support is truly amazing. It ensures that people with our conditions can live their lives to the full. We have launched our new No Life Half Lived strategy focusing on the next five years. Can you help us be there for more people when they need us most by pledging your support today?

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We are pioneering health development projects

We work with public, private and academic partners on innovative projects to improve healthcare for people living with chest, heart, stroke and Long Covid conditions.

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