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People in Scotland with chest, heart and stroke conditions are leaving hospital scared and alone. But you have the power to change this.

Join our incredible volunteers and make your time matter for the people who need it most.

Whether you volunteer in our shops or at our fundraising events, helping to raise vital funds, or support people directly by volunteering in our services team, you’ll be a vital part of ensuring that no life is half lived in Scotland.

Not only that, but you’ll learn new skills, make great friends and have fun along the way!

Volunteering opportunities

Find a volunteering opportunity near you, apply online and start making a difference today. We have roles across Scotland, and home-based opportunities too.
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Volunteering Roles

Discover the different roles we have available for volunteers in Scotland. From our amazing Kindness Volunteers supporting their communities to Retail Volunteers helping to run our fabulous boutiques, there’s something for everyone.

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The benefits of volunteering

Learn about the impact volunteering makes to us and you! You can make a real difference for people across Scotland, and enrich your own life at the same time.
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Volunteer Hub

Find all the information you need to access our volunteer management system, Assemble.
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“Volunteering is so worth it for your mental health and for your soul”

Just ask Lynn

Stroke survivor Lynn says volunteering for Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland over the past year has transformed her life.

A member of a stroke support group in Glasgow, Lynn realised she was getting as much from talking to volunteers as she was chatting to fellow stroke survivors. She decided to take the plunge and become a volunteer herself.

“What I enjoy most about volunteering is giving something back. Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland has done so much for me personally that I want to repay that. I hear and see the appreciation and happiness in the voices of the people I’m speaking to.

“Volunteering is so worth it for your mental health and for your soul. It’s good soul food. Volunteering resonates and sends ripples of positivity throughout everyone involved.”

Read Lynn’s story

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Want to find out more? Get in touch with our friendly volunteering team today and discover how you can make your time really matter.


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