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Stroke Information & Support

Recovering after a stroke can be a challenging process. But at Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland, we’re here to help you get the support you need after you return home from hospital.

Our information and guides will help you understand your stroke or TIA, and help you to manage your condition, find support that’s available to you, and get back to living life to the full.

Strokes and TIAs

Find out more about what a stroke is, how it can affect you and how it can be treated or managed. You’ll also find information about transient ischaemic attacks, also known as TIAs or mini-strokes.

Strokes and TIAs

Living with a stroke condition

A stroke can have a huge impact on your life, affecting everything from your mobility to your speech. Read more about how to manage your condition and take small steps towards living life to the full once again.

Living With a Stroke Condition

Looking after yourself

It’s important to look after yourself following a stroke, helping you to manage your condition and improve your overall health and wellbeing. Visit our Living Well section to find out more about everything from mental wellbeing and physical activity to stopping smoking and healthy eating.

Looking after yourself

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