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Walking Football Scotland Player of the Month

As 2024 kicks off we’re getting the ball rolling with a spotlight on a Walking Football Scotland Player of the Month! 

For January the Walking Football Scotland Women’s Player of the Month is Linsey Paton-Donaldson, congratulations Linsey! Linsey, 41, plays with Stenhousemuir FCCT and Linlithgow Rose. Linsey shared her reflections on what Walking Football means to her.

It’s football with a difference. It doesn’t matter if you have played before, you’ll always be made welcome.

Why did you get involved in walking football?

“I played for many years when I was younger but required surgery due to having ulcerative colitis and, despite my best efforts at the time, this eventually stopped me from playing. I was later diagnosed with a liver disease called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis and have been listed for a liver transplant. I missed being active and socialising. Plus, to survive the transplant, it has become even more important to maintain my cardiovascular health and mental wellbeing so that I have a better prognosis – walking football provided a platform to exercise safely whilst meeting people and having fun. It ticked every box.”

What positive impact has walking football had on your life?

“Meeting so many brilliant people.  Walking Football Scotland is a huge family community.  Everyone is made welcome at sessions, regardless of their background, ability or home club. I am physically active several times a week, have made many new friends and we now participate in a range of different activities and social events. I have a new purpose in my life and through taking part and volunteering for other activities with Stenhousemuir, I have now been employed by their Community Trust and I’m doing a job that I love. Being able to compete and have fun doing it is a bonus.”

What would you say to encourage others to come along?

“Don’t make assumptions about the game. It’s football with a difference. It doesn’t matter if you have played before, you’ll always be made welcome. It provides a level of physical activity that will contribute to improving your health with regular participation, but you are in control of the level of exertion and the laws of the game (walking, 3-touches, no contact) really do help to level the playing field so that anyone can turn up, join in and have fun. You won’t regret joining the Walking Football Scotland family.”

Inspired? Find out more about our partnership with Walking Football Scotland. 

Walking Football

We’re partnering with Walking Football Scotland because keeping active is one of the best things that you can do to improve your physical, mental and social wellbeing. Find out more about how you can keep active.

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