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Physical Activity

Keeping active is one of the best things that you can do to improve your physical, mental and social wellbeing.

People who do regular physical activity can reduce their risk of heart disease and stroke by up to 35% and it can help with managing the impact of chest, heart, stroke and Long Covid conditions, so it’s really important to stay active.

We’re committed to making sure that as many people as possible both living with and at risk of chest, heart and stroke conditions are supported to keep active or take their first steps towards a more physically active lifestyle.

Find out more about the importance of exercise, how much physical activity you should do, how to get started, tips, resources and more on our Keeping Active page.

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We have a range of activities and support available to help you stay active.

“It’s been really helpful and it’s good to meet other people in the same situation.”

Just ask Robert

Staying fit and active has been Robert’s goal since he suffered a heart attack and stroke almost five years.

The 70-year-old, who lives in Glasgow, had to undergo a triple heart bypass, then spent almost four months in hospital.

Left with mobility issues on his left leg, Robert joined the gym at the city’s Kelvin Hall to recover his fitness. Then, one of the gym instructors told him about our physical activity sessions at the Maryhill Hub.

The sessions, part of our Movement Matters Programme, are there to support people to get active. Designed for people who have a chest, heart, stroke or Long Covid condition, the sessions range in intensity from chair to circuit-based activity.

Robert says:

“My left leg has given me problems since the stroke, so I was going to the gym to keep mobile because I didn’t want to seize up. I do a bit of cycling and rowing on the gym equipment.

“I had no idea the hub was even there until one of the girls at the Kelvin Hall suggested it to me. Now I’m going to the hub on a Tuesday and doing an extension of what I’ve been doing at the gym.

It’s been really helpful and it’s good to meet other people in the same situation.

“I was four months in Gartnavel Hospital. It was a long slog. I knew I had to keep active, so that’s why I went to the Kelvin Hall. I’m never going to run a marathon, but I’m still able to move and CHSS are helping me stay that way.”

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If you’d like to chat to us about getting involved with our activities and support available or find out more about keeping active, get in touch!


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