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VOICES Training and support

Are you living with a respiratory illness, heart disease or stroke or do you care for or know someone who is?

  • Do you want to have your say on the health and social care  services you experience?Training and Support
  • Chest Voices, Hearty Voices and our  Stroke Voices (for those with communication support needs) support you to have your say and improve services by:
    • Giving representatives access to free training and support.
    • Developing a Scotland–wide network of representatives.
    • Encouraging partnership working between the health and social care services and Voices Scotland representatives.

Attend our free, informal workshop.  It is  run over one, two or three non–consecutive days


What can I do after the workshop?

Some members of Voices Scotland become representatives (or may already be), directly influencing health and social services by:

  • responding to questionnaires
  • attending public meetings and consultations
  • leading patient user groups within health and social care services
  • attending committees, focus groups and planning groups
  • advising on research projects

Go to levels of involvement to find out more.


Respond to the current consultations posted by health and social care organisations.


Front line staff

Front line staff wanting to know how to involve the public in your work?  See Advice for front line staff.

Further information

To find out more about Voices Scotland, becoming a representative or joining our database, contact us.

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