Research Projects > Heart > Cardiac biOMarkers in Patients with Aortic StenosiS (COMPASS)

Cardiac biOMarkers in Patients with Aortic StenosiS (COMPASS)

Type: Heart

Grant holder: Dr. Atul Anand and Dr. Nicholas Mills, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

Amount Awarded: £118,544 over two years

Year: 2015 - Finished

Aortic stenosis, often causing chest pain and breathlessness, is a common narrowing of a heart valve, but there are complex issues surrounding how best to treat it. While valve replacement is possible, major heart surgery carries greater risk in older patients –and deciding if and when to operate is often difficult. The researchers have already shown that blood levels of a heart protein called troponin are higher in those with worse outcomes. They are now following a group of older patients with aortic stenosis over 18 months, regularly measuring troponin levels. By comparing this with symptoms and heart scans, they will see if a simple blood test can predict deterioration from aortic stenosis which would in turn allow medical teams to reach more informed decisions over potential surgery.