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CPR – Simple Steps to Save a Life

Sudden out of hospital cardiac arrest is a medical emergency. It occurs when the heart suddenly stops pumping blood around the body, causing the person to collapse, become unconscious, and stop breathing or stop breathing normally.

Cardiac arrest has several underlying causes but is frequently associated with a disturbance in the electrical messages which are passed around the heart, messages which allow the heart to work normally.

  • The Scottish Ambulance Service attempts to resuscitate around 3500 people each year, due to cardiac arrest. Approximately 70 people each week.
  • Cardiac arrest is the leading cause of sudden death with only one person in every twenty surviving to return home to their loved ones.
  • If left untreated it will inevitably result in death.

Watch this video for a step-by-step guide on what you can do to help save a life.

To find CPR training near you, visit Save a Life for Scotland

If you have found these simple steps useful, here's a link to our card to help you remember the basic rules of CPR. Simple Steps To Save A Life PDF)

Did you know that for every minute that CPR is not performed the chances of someone surviving decreases by 10%. Our second video explores the concerns you may face when someone needs your help and how to overcome them.