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Guest blogger: Paul Okroj - CHSS Head of Volunteering

January 15, 2017

  • Does your boss worry about your health?
  • Does your company have an employee volunteering programme?

Latest research proves that volunteering is good for your health, and the more people volunteered, the happier they were. 

A volunteer is “someone who chooses to give their time, skills and energy to benefit other people or for the common good, without being paid for it” (DWP, 2010). Volunteering can take many shapes and forms – volunteers might give their time on the same day each week or others might give just a couple of hours once a month. Volunteering can also occur in a range of places, including the local community, at home or even your place of work! What’s more, volunteering not only benefits the person or people you are helping, but it also has positive effects on you, the volunteer. 

Benefits of volunteering:  

  • Volunteering connects you to others
  • Volunteering is good for your mind and body
  • Volunteering can advance your career
  • Volunteering brings fun and fulfillment to your life

Volunteering has been shown to reduce:

  • the symptoms of chronic pain
  • the risk of high blood pressure
  • the risk of heart disease
  • 94 % of people said their mood improved
  • 76% felt better physically

And it’s good for your job skills too:

  • 79% of volunteers developed their interpersonal skills
  • 70% of employers say it increases the chance of promotion

And it’s good for your boss too!

Corporate volunteer programmes actually drive employee engagement. Bosses believe volunteers have better social skills, are good team players, more hardworking and self-motivated than those that don’t volunteer

In other words, companies that promote active corporate volunteer programs enjoy greater employee satisfaction, higher morale, and – as a result – greater productivity and profitability.

Make a difference in 2017 by finding out more about the CHSS Volunteering programme for more information about how we can support corporate volunteering in your workplace! 

***Disclaimer: always seek medical advice before starting a new diet, exercise regime or medication. The information in these articles is not a substitute for professional advice from a GP, registered dietitian or other health practitioner.

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