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Hilda Campbell

November 29, 2019

Care for your heart. It matters and so do you.

Sometimes we know what we should be doing. But getting the motivation to do it? Well, that’s another story! We can fall into the same trap when it comes to looking after our health. ‘I need to get more active’, ‘I need to stop smoking’, ‘Oh, if I had the time I would’, ‘Oh, if I had more money I would’, ‘Oh, if I cared I would!’


‘Oh, if I cared I would!’ Mmmm have we ever stopped to really think about how much we care about ourselves? Often we are so busy doing things for others and worrying about how to get through the day that what we want, what we need and, well, somehow looking after us, gets overlooked as ‘not being that important’.

Our bodies are phenomenally engineered machines which quite often feel they are constantly involved in an F1 race! BUT do we have a team of technicians on standby to rush out and change our wheels? Engineers who work night and day to improve our performance? Well…in the main…NOPE!



Yet we seem to think skipping meals, not getting enough sleep or time to relax, grabbing food on the go, or putting off fun to another day when we have time, is going to keep this phenomenally engineered machine which is our body in the peak of good health.

Our heart – both physical and emotional – is what sustains us, and it deserves a little attention. I’m not saying this is easy, as change even for the better never is. BUT you don’t need to change everything all at once. You can do this gradually, remembering if you do have any health concerns, pop along and see your GP or, if you are near the Drumchapel Community Hub, pop in, have an informal chat with the Health Defence Scotland team, and see what ideas you come up with together. Health Defence Scotland are supporting people to live healthier lives. They work alongside local groups in the community such as COPE Scotland.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here’s some ways you spend some time caring for your heart:

  • Have a look at this blog and video about how we can change our internal voice to one which is kind and reminds us we matter.
  • Are you having trouble finding the time to unwind? This three-minute relaxer might be just the start you need to make some changes.
  • If you’re looking for some tips to get more energy and recharge your batteries, this blog is a good way to get started.
  • Scottish ‘coorie’ might just be the perfect way to help nurture yourself and restore your belief that you matter. Intrigued? Have a look at this blog for ideas about how to make time to look after your wellbeing.


The heart is used so often to symbolise love. Give yourself permission to start loving yourself more today and look after your physical and emotional heart. You can achieve great things. Sometimes we all just need to change our focus from what isn’t right and what we can’t do, to what is right and what we can do, one wee step at a time, to make all the difference.

Hilda Campbell, our Guest Blogger, is the Chief Executive of COPE Scotland.


Ready to get started?

Contact the Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland Advice Line nurses (freephone 0808 801 0899, text NURSE to 66777 or email for free, confidential advice and support, or find out more about how Health Defence Scotland can help.

***Disclaimer: always seek medical advice before starting a new diet, exercise regime or medication. The information in these articles is not a substitute for professional advice from a GP, registered dietitian or other health practitioner.

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