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Hospital to Home

Scotland’s Hospital to Home Service


Recovery from a chest, heart or stroke condition doesn’t stop as soon as you leave the hospital. We’re here to help you and your family adjust to the “new normal” and transition from hospital to home.

We are the largest charity in Scotland partnering with our NHS heroes to deliver this important element of care for people with serious health conditions.

Our new Hospital to Home service aims to provide one-to-one support for coronavirus survivors across Scotland, as well as people with other chest, heart and stroke conditions.

Recovering from a period in hospital can be a traumatic and isolating experience. But you don’t have to be alone. We’ll be there to help you stay well at home and manage your condition. We will support you to make sure both your physical health and mental wellbeing are cared for after you leave the hospital.

Who is the Hospital to Home service for?

The Hospital to Home service works with three groups of people:

  • Those who have been discharged from hospital with a chest condition, including coronavirus
  • Those who have been discharged from hospital with a heart condition
  • Those who have been discharged from hospital after a stroke

The service is currently available in several health boards across Scotland. As the service grows, we expect to roll it out across the rest of Scotland.

How does the Hospital to Home service work?

NHS Scotland, Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland staff and our volunteers are all working together to make sure people across Scotland are getting the help they need once they return home.

People eligible for the service can be referred to us by their local NHS Community Team. You can also get in touch directly with us if you would like support on 0808 801 0899.

Our specialist Advice Line nurses will then be there to help you agree on personal goals and areas for support, focusing on physical recovery, psychological adjustment and social support.

The service offers flexible support for people to adjust to their “new normal” after coming out of hospital.

Our Hospital to Home Team provide a tailored service for each person.

This includes support in several areas, such as:

  • Advice and information for patients about managing their conditions
  • Emotional support to reduce loneliness and isolation
  • Assistance with physical activities and rehabilitation exercises
  • Joining and integrating into a local virtual peer support group

The service is also on hand to provide long-term support through our Kindness Volunteers and Support Groups. This includes everything from receiving a regular ‘Kindness call’ chat on the phone, to practical support like picking up prescriptions, shopping and dog-walking.

What are the benefits of the Hospital to Home service?

First and foremost, the aim of the Hospital to Home service is to ensure people across Scotland can live life to the full after recovering from a chest, heart or stroke condition. We want to help people reach their goals, successfully manage their condition and enjoy life as much as possible.

But there are other benefits to the service, too.

We can provide support for carers and family members who may be feeling anxious, confused or unsure how to care for someone during their recovery.

By supporting people’s recovery and helping them to live well at home, we also hope to reduce hospital readmissions – reducing pressure on our NHS services.

If you would like support with recovering from Covid-19 or living with any other serious lung condition please call our Advice Line nurses on 0808 801 0899.

Help fund hospital to home

£10 – With £10 you could fund a call to our vital Advice Line nurses, helping people adjust to life with a lung condition like Covid-19.

£20 – With £20 you can give someone one hour of vital one-to-one help with a support worker to get back to enjoying life when they come home from hospital.

£40 – Would help train a volunteer Kindness Caller to make sure there is always someone at the end of the phone for people who feel isolated and lonely.

£50 – Your gift of £50 will mean that someone can attend a support group for three months which will help them cope with the emotional and physical impact of their condition.