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Cookie policy

What are cookies?
By using our websites, you consent to our use of cookies.
If you'd like to learn more about cookies, we recommend the About Cookies website (New window).
'Cookies' are small data files that are sent from our website and stored on your computer or device. We use them to help us provide you with information and services. Most are stored just for the duration of your visit to the website, but others are stored for much longer periods.

The following information tells you about how CHSS uses these cookies and how you can make informed choices about accepting or rejecting them.

We recommend that you accept them as refusing them can disable some functions, but most importantly we want you to feel comfortable that you are making an informed choice.
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How we use cookies
We use cookies to make our website work better for you.
Cookies don't give us access to any personal information about you.
For example, when you visit our website we place a cookies on your computer which tell us what pages you have visited and what links you have clicked on during your visit. This allows us to generate a report about how our website is performing and this helps us make things better for you.

We also use cookies to show you advertising messages from us when you are visiting other websites.

We use cookies to remember your settings if you use our Accessibility settings, such as increasing font size or reading the page out loud.

If you use our Stroke chat or eShop apps, cookies are used to create your login and remember your orders while you are shopping.

These cookies don't give us access to your account or your personal details.

As third party cookies (such as Google) aren't set by us, we can't control how they work - but we do choose which websites we work with. We take your privacy seriously and we would never work with a website we don't trust.
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Your choices
You can choose to reject cookies if you wish.
Our websites work better with cookies and we strongly advise that you accept them.
Our cookies don't give us or anyone else access to your personal data.
You can use your web browser to delete and reject cookies. There are instructions on how to delete cookies and how to control cookies on the About Cookies website (New window).

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