About Us

About Us

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About Us

Who we are

We are Scotland’s health charity supporting people and their families across Scotland with chest, heart and stroke conditions. We want to make sure life living with a chest or heart condition or after a stroke is a life lived to the full. We will fight for better health for everyone and work to make sure there is help and support in every community.


Our new strategy No Life Half Lived will address the unmet needs – social, emotional and physical – of people and their families who are living with effects of our conditions across Scotland’s communities.  Not everyone living with our conditions gets the care and support they need and this is what makes living day to day harder.


Imagine if you had to struggle to breathe every day or you were living constantly worried about your heart or scared that you might have another stroke. Across Scotland people and their families are having their worlds turned upside down after a diagnosis of chest or heart conditions or after a stroke. We are here to help you and your family whatever care and support you need.


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What we do

We provide vital services to support people and their families who are living with effects of serious chest and heart conditions and stroke. Our services are focused on making sure everyone in Scotland gets the care and support they need, when and where they need it. To ensure we reach more people, we will double our income, double the number of our volunteers and double the amount of people we support through our services. These services include rehabilitation support, specialist nurses, community groups, advice and information. Find out more here.


We have a new research strategy that will fund new research projects to continue the fight against chest, heart and stroke conditions and to improve the treatment, rehabilitation and long-term support of anyone affected by our conditions.


We also work hard to fight for better health services for people in Scotland. Find out about our campaigns and how you can make a difference.


Help us to ensure no life is half lived in Scotland. Join Clan CHSS and support us to fight for better health in Scotland.