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Be ourSuperhero School!

We want to make sure people with chest, heart and stroke conditions can live their lives to the full. But we need your help!

Will you become a Superhero School and help us raise lots of money to make sure people across Scotland get the help they need to recover when they return home from hospital?

We’ve got lots of exciting challenges which put the fun in fundraising! Put your superhero fundraising cape on, get the whole school together and do something amazing to help others.

Become a Superhero School

What fundraising activities can my school do?

Get involved in our Superhero School programme and make a real difference to peoples’ lives in Scotland.

Whether you want to take part in our planned activities throughout the year, or tackle your own challenges, we’re here to help you do something incredible for a good cause.

Our activities throughout the 2021/22 school year include:

  • Carols at Christmas. Host your own carol service or Christmas sing-a-long to raise money for people with chest, heart and stroke conditions.
  • Superactive Superheroes. Cycle, walk, run or dance… set your own challenge, get active, stay healthy and help people do more than survive – help them really live!
  • The Big Shhh. Challenge your school to a sponsored silence during Aphasia Awareness Month

Or if you have your own fantastic fundraising ideas, we’re here to support you! Our team are here to help you with anything you might need to make your fundraising ideas really fly.

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Why should your school support Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland?

Did you know that 1 in 5 people in Scotland are affected by chest, heart and stroke conditions? Maybe you know a colleague, parent or grandparent who has had a stroke or a heart attack, or you may have even experienced one of our conditions, like asthma or Covid-19, yourself.

Every day in Scotland 25 people will have a stroke, 30 people will have a heart attack, 46 people will be diagnosed with heart failure and 1 in 11 people will struggle to breathe because of chronic chest illness.

Your school can help us make sure no one has to recover alone. With your amazing fundraising superhero powers, you can make sure people with chest, heart and stroke conditions in your community get the support they really need.

What are the benefits?

Not only is being a Superhero School super fun, but fundraising projects are also a creative way for children and young people to learn about the importance of charity and teamwork, while keeping them entertained and motivated after a challenging year through the pandemic.

It’s also a great way to learn, grow, support others and give back to your local community.

Our activities support many different aspects of the Curriculum for Excellence, from Expressive Arts and Health & Wellbeing to Social Studies and Religious & Moral Education.

  • Effective contributor – work in a team to make your fundraising ideas come to life
  • Successful learner – you may need to design a poster or write and invitation to get people involved
  • Confident individual – ask your family and friends to sponsor you or help at an event
  • Responsible citizen – thinking about helping people in your community

Your class or school will be given a whole range of Superhero resources to help them with their fundraising activities and will feel a great sense of achievement when they learn from our fundraising team all about the difference their support will make.

We can help the whole school stay fit and active and learn about how helping others can help you too.

Get in touch

Want to find out more about becoming a Superhero School, or keen to hear about other ways your school, college or university can get involved?

Fill out this form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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