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Virtual TCS London Marathon

Sunday 2 October 2022

The record-breaking Virtual TCS London Marathon returns this Autumn, and we have a small number of exclusive charity places up for grabs!

On Sunday 2nd October you could be one of 50,000 people who get up, tie their laces, and step out of their door to take on the virtual London Marathon challenge in support of Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland.

With people taking part from all over the globe, it’s time to step up and make sure your community is represented!

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Your Run. Your Way. In 24 Hours

This is a run for the people where you can complete your run, your way, over the space of 24 hours.

As one of our amazing runners you will receive a training top to wear in the lead up and during your event, an official TCS London Marathon running number to wear throughout the challenge, as well as support with training and fundraising along the way.

Your miles can be tracked through the unique TCS London Marathon App giving exclusive audio commentary from famous voices as well as a memorable soundtrack.

Plus, everyone who completes all 26.2 miles and records them using the official App will receive the exclusive 2022 marathon finishers medal and t-shirt.

Get your place

Run with us so that people across Scotland can do more than survive.

As part of Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland’s running team you will be helping people like Debbie to do more than survive with their condition.

Debbie’s Story

“It really was a lifeline for me, and I know they’ve helped so many others through dark times.”

Debbie had a stroke just after her 40th birthday. Doctors told her family she might not survive. But Debbie pulled through.

When she was able to leave hospital, Debbie wanted to get back to her usual self, but the reality was a struggled.

“I started feeling really anxious and depressed, but I kept my feelings to myself. I wanted everyone to think I was back to being the normal, smiley Debbie.

“Despite having my amazing family around me, I couldn’t help feeling increasingly isolated. I was too ashamed and embarrassed to tell them about my worries and how I was really feeling.

“I sat for a long time before picking up the phone to Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland. I even hung up a few times before plucking up the courage to stay on the line.

“But when I did get through, the nurse was absolutely amazing. I felt like I could really open up and ask all the personal questions I needed to ask about my physical and mental health.

“It really was a lifeline for me, and I know they’ve helped so many others through dark times.”

By registering today and securing one of our coveted charity places, you can help more people like Debbie in their time of need. Run with us so that people across Scotland can live their life to the full.

Get your place

Get your place

Fill out this form to get your virtual place or if you need any support to make your fantastic fundraising ideas really fly, we’re here to help!

Contact: Emma Mitchell

Phone: 07425 258977


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