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You can make a real difference

Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland’s mission is to make sure that there is no life half lived in Scotland.

We are Scotland’s largest charity working to help people with chest, heart and stroke conditions, including Long Covid, live life to the full.

Much of the work we do relies on grants from charitable trusts and foundations like yours. These vital funds enable us to provide services and support for people as they return home from hospital.

By funding our essential services and projects, you’ll be helping people across Scotland so more than survive – you’ll help them really live.

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Get involved

We are currently working on a number of projects and services which rely on funding from charitable trusts and foundations:

  • Communication Support Groups
  • Kindness Volunteers and Kindness Boxes
  • Online Physical Activity Classes and Walking Groups

To find out more about supporting these projects, or to discuss other ways you can support our work across Scotland, please contact us.

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You’ll be helping people like Tom

“With your help, I can continue getting the help I need”

When Tom suffered a devastating stroke, he and his wife Karen were told that he might be “locked in” forever.

“It was terrifying to think I wouldn’t be able to move, speak or communicate in any way at all. I have never been so scared, but thankfully I am not locked in completely,” writes Tom.

“I have aphasia and verbal dyspraxia, which means I can’t put my muscles in the right position to speak because my brain can no longer send the right message to my mouth. Having both those conditions together means speaking is almost impossible for me.

“Since then, life has been really difficult. It’s been hard to adjust to what our lives are like now.

“But the support Karen and I get from Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland is hard to put into words. It’s something so very special.

“Every week we join the online aphasia support group set up by Lucy from Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland. It has been a lifeline for us and is now one of the most important things in our lives.”

By funding projects like our online support groups, you’ll be helping people like Tom and Karen get the support they desperately need after a life-changing stroke.

Tom’s Story

Current backers

We couldn’t do what we do without the kindness and generosity of charitable trusts and foundations across Scotland. These grants are helping to make sure no one has to recover alone when they have a chest, heart, or stroke condition or Long Covid.

Aberbrothock Skea Trust
Allan G King Charitable Trust
AMW Charitable Trust
Appletree Trust
Barrack Charitable Trust
Barrie Benevolent Fund
Batchworth Trust
Benson-Wilson Charitable Trust
Broughton Charitable Trust
Dentons UKMEA LLP Charitable Trust
DWF Foundation
February Foundation
George Crombie Trust
Gordon Fraser Charitable Trust
H R Creswick Charitable Trust
Hayward Sanderson Trust
Heather Hoy Charitable Trust
Helen A Reid Charitable Trust
Hospital Saturday Fund
Hugh Fraser Foundation
Ina Scott Sutherland Charitable Trust
J + JR Wilson Trust
J.S. Innes Charitable Trust
JTH Charitable Trust
Lunar Foundation
M H McMillan’s Charitable Trust
MEB Charitable Trust
Meikle Foundation
Mhoira Robertson Charitable Trust
Mickel Fund
Miss A M Pilkington Charitable Trust
Miss Caroline Jane Spence’s Fund
Westwood Charitable Trust
William S Phillips Fund

Miss D R Spalding’s Charitable Trust
Miss E C Hendry’s Charitable Trust
Miss Helen Pettigrew Russell Charitable Trust
Miss Margaret Butters Reekie Charitable Trust
Mr CD and Mrs JE Alderson Charitable Trust
Nairn Charitable Trust
Nancy Roberts Charitable Trust
National Lottery Community Fund
Netherdale Trust
Northwood Charitable Trust
Paths for All
PF Charitable Trust
Privy Purse Charitable Trust
Queensberry House Trust
RJ Larg Charitable Trust
Ronald Miller Charitable Trust
RS MacDonald Charitable Trust
SCVO Adapt and Thrive Fund
SCVO Communities Recovery Fund
Sir Iain Stewart Foundation
St Katharine’s Fund
Stewart Davie Charitable Trust
Stuart and Margaret Miller Charitable Trust
Susan H Guy Charitable Trust
Sylvia Aitken Charitable Trust
The Russell Trust
Thistledown Trust
Thomas C Maconochie Trust
Together Initiative
Tom and Thelma Wilson Trust
Vellore Trust
Walter Craig Charitable Trust
WM Sword Charitable Trust

Find out more

If you are a Trustee or representative of a charitable trust or foundation, we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch to find out how you can help people across Scotland live their lives to the full.

0131 297 2750
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