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“I want to tell my grandson how much I love him but stroke has taken my voice away.”

My name is Tom Morris. I suffered a stroke in 2019 that has taken away my voice. It has also left me with paralysis and weakness on my right-hand side.

My life and the lives of my wife and family have been changed forever by what happened to me.

Help Tom and people like him to say I love you again

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“I want to tell my grandson how much I love him”

I never thought this would happen to me

I have always been fit and healthy. But on one chilly autumn morning, I started to feel unwell after my usual park run. Later I began to feel numbness in my right arm and leg, and I was stumbling. I had had a stroke.

About 9pm that night, my speech went away. And it has never come back.

My wife Karen and I were told I might be ‘locked in’ forever by the effects of the stroke. It was terrifying to think I wouldn’t be able to move, speak or communicate in any way at all. I have never been so scared, but thankfully I am not locked in.

Support that is so special

It is hard to put into words just how much Chest Heart & Scotland has come to mean to me and Karen. It is so very special.

From the moment I was discharged from hospital, Lucy from Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland has been there for me and for Karen.

She has helped us adjust to a situation that was very scary for both of us.

Support group is a lifeline

Every week we join the online aphasia support group set up by Lucy. It has been a lifeline for us and is now one of the most important things in our lives.

“With your help, I can continue getting the help I need”

Because of the group, I don’t feel so alone, and I know Karen feels the same because she connects with other partners and carers going through the same thing.

With your help, I can continue getting the help I need

Your donations mean that support groups, and people like Lucy, can be there for families like mine. Families who simply don’t know where to turn to get the help they need.

With your donations, I can continue getting the help I need to unlock that final piece – to hopefully one day play with my little grandson Thomas and tell him I love him.

My fight for recovery depends on wonderful people like you. Please give what you can to help stroke survivors like me.


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