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“I was terrified because I knew exactly what was happening to me”

My name is Nancy. I’m a wife and a mother and stroke has hit my family twice.

After supporting my husband Kevin to recover from a life-changing stroke, little did I think I would have to fight my own battle just three years later.

Stroke took away my voice and my love of reading and writing. I could never have imagined suddenly losing the ability to speak or read or write. And when it happened to me, I felt so lost.

Until you changed that, and Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland came into my life. Because of you, stroke survivors like me and my family can get the help we so desperately need to relearn skills we took for granted and begin to rebuild our lives.

Please donate now to help people like me recover from stroke.

It was happening again

“I’m a wife and a mother and stroke has hit my family twice.”

It was September 2021 and I had just enjoyed a lovely dinner out with friends to celebrate Kevin’s birthday. At the end of the evening, I felt tired and sat down to watch television. I kept dozing off so decided it was time for bed, but when I stood up to go and brush my teeth, my legs went from under me, and I fell to the ground.

I was terrified because I knew exactly what was happening to me. I knew I was having a stroke because I had been there when Kevin had his stroke.

After being rushed to hospital, I spent two weeks on the same ward where Kevin had been. I felt scared and guilty because Kevin was so worried, and he had fought so hard to learn to walk again after his stroke.

Now here I was making everyone worry about me including my daughter, Sarah, who has a learning disability.

Couldn’t make sense of it

The stroke has left me with aphasia, which affects my speech and use of letters and numbers. It has also left me with sensitivity in my right hand, but I can honestly say that my recovery so far is down to the support of people like you and the help from Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland.

Writing has always been a huge part of my life. I loved to read and do crosswords. On my first day in hospital, Kevin brought me the newspaper so I could do the crossword. But straight away I had no idea what to do – I looked at the crossword and couldn’t make any sense of it at all.

When I got home from hospital, I didn’t know where to turn. I couldn’t speak properly, and my biggest fear was that I would never be able to get the words out again.

Then I got a call from Hazel at Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland. That call was a lifeline.

I joined Hazel’s online support group and she introduced me to a volunteer called Sam who has been amazing.

“I could not have done any of this without Sam, Hazel and the group.”

Taking away my fears

Sam called me every week and spent an hour going over my speech, language and numbers. She helped me so much. Every week she gave me a list of words to practice saying and writing. It was brilliant.

Sam took away all the fears I had that I could not progress with my communication. Her care, persistence, advice and humour have given me the confidence to be able to speak, write and read again. Her friendship, kindness and compassion are second to none.

I could not have done any of this without Sam, Hazel and the group.

I cannot put into words how much this means to me and what their friendship and care has done for me.

Stroke affects people in so many different ways. Kevin and I have experienced that first hand, but the most important thing to me now is to make sure people don’t miss out on the help they need when they need it most.

Your donations mean people like me who are scared and don’t know where to turn can get the help they need. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for continuing to support this very special charity.

Your kindness changes lives like mine so please continue to give what you possibly can and help rebuild lives in Scotland.

Thank you on behalf of myself, my family and everyone else who needs this hope and help in their lives.



Help change lives across Scotland


Will fund a call to our Advice Line nurses for anyone worried about the effects of stroke.

Donate £10


Will provide one hour of vital one-to-one support at home to help someone adjust to life after stroke.

Donate £20


Would help train a volunteer Kindness caller to make sure there is always someone at the end of the phone for people who feel isolated and lonely after stroke.

Donate £40

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