Epilepsy after stroke

In a few people, the scar that results from the stroke can irritate the brain and cause seizures, sometimes weeks, months or even years later. Most people who experience seizures are prescribed medication to control this.

Epilepsy is a tendency to have repeated seizures and stroke is one of many conditions that can lead to epilepsy.

About 1 out of every 20 of people who have a stroke will have a seizure within the first few weeks. These are known as acute or onset seizures and normally happen within 24 hours of the stroke. If you have an onset seizure, it does not necessarily mean you have or will develop epilepsy.

A small number of people will have more than one seizure and will develop epilepsy. Your risk of having a seizure lessens with time following your stroke. If you have recovered and have not yet had a seizure, you are at very low risk of developing epilepsy.

For detailed information about the different types of seizures and treatment for epilepsy contact Epilepsy Scotland