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iCare COPD Dundee

Helping you to live with COPD your way

iCare COPD Dundee is a new support service for anyone living with COPD who is a patient with Family Medical Group. We will provide confidential support, advice and access to services to help you live with and manage your condition.

This service provides access to advice and information on COPD and up to 12 weeks of support to help you understand COPD, achieve your personal recovery goals, build your confidence and support you to manage your condition better over the long term.

For more information on diagnosing COPD, treatments and techniques for managing COPD:

Get in touch

If you are someone living with COPD and you want to access our support services, and get the advice and help you need to live your life to the full, please get in touch with our Advice Line nurses or fill out the contact form…

0808 801 0899


NURSE to 66777

Opening Hours::
9:30am – 4pm

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