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Scotland’s Hospital to Home Service

Recovery after a life-changing event like a stroke, heart attack or chest condition like COPD or Covid-19 doesn’t stop when you leave hospital.

But we’re here to help families across Scotland adjust to the “new normal”, live life to the full again and transition from hospital to home.

Who is the Hospital to Home service for?

Our Hospital to Home service is here to support people across Scotland who are returning home after a stroke or have been discharged from hospital with a chest or heart condition.

If you are living with one of these conditions and need support to live well at home, please give our Advice Line nurses a call on 0808 801 0899 to find out more about accessing our Hospital to Home service.

Our Hospital to Home service is a nationwide network of local support groups, nurses and one-to-one support teams helping you to recover well at home. We’re also here to support your families, loved ones or carers throughout your recovery.

Contact Advice Line

How does the Hospital to Home service work?

We build a personal package of support to help you live life to the full again – in a way that works for you.

Our Hospital to Home service works hand-in-hand with the NHS to support your recovery, offering everything from practical help to emotional and social support.

We offer a flexible package of support which includes:

  • Our nurses helping you set your recovery goals and work on your physical recovery
  • Our Community Support team providing one-to-one help with maintaining exercises and emotional support
  • Our Support Groups and volunteer Kindness Callers helping you manage your condition yourself over the longer term and tackling isolation and loneliness

Your GP or health professional may refer you to our Hospital to Home service, or you can self-refer by contacting our Advice Line nurses.

Get Hospital to Home support

Help fund Hospital to Home

We need your support to expand our Hospital to Home service and reach more people across Scotland who need help.

Your support could help someone walk or talk again after a stroke, manage their breathing with COPD or Long Covid or deal with anxiety after a heart attack.


With £10 you could fund a call to our vital Advice Line nurses, helping people adjust to life with a chest, heart or stroke condition.

Donate £10


With £20 you can give someone one hour of vital one-to-one help with a support worker to get back to enjoying life when they come home from hospital.

Donate £20


Would help train a volunteer Kindness Caller to make sure there is always someone at the end of the phone for people who feel isolated and lonely.

Donate £40


Your gift of £50 will mean that someone can attend a support group for three months which will help them cope with the emotional and physical impact of their condition.

Donate £40

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