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Online mindfulness for stroke survivors and caregivers

Funded by: Glasgow Caledonian University

Location: Online and at home

Recruitment criteria:

The researchers are looking for:

  • Stroke survivors and family caregivers (can be a partner, spouse, relative, or friend) wanting to learn mindfulness together
  • People experiencing difficulties with their mood
  • Adults
  • People who live in Scotland or Northern England
  • People living at home
  • People who can use the internet
  • People with access to the internet
  • English speakers

The study will not be helpful:

  • If you are already using mindfulness
  • If you have difficulty eating or swallowing
  • If you are involved with mental health or addiction services
  • If you have suicidal thoughts
  • If you have memory problems

Recruitment contact:

Recruitment End Date: 25/08/2019

People affected by stroke can experience difficulties with their mood (e.g. stress, anxiety, and depression). Stroke survivor and caregiver mood is linked. Mindfulness meditation increases present moment awareness and can improve stroke survivor and caregiver mood. People normally learn mindfulness in groups. Learning mindfulness in a group is not always practical and overlooks the links between stroke survivors and their caregivers. Another way to learn mindfulness is online and with a partner. This study will look to see if stroke survivors and their caregivers find using mindfulness online helpful and whether learning together makes a difference.