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Life after Stroke

Stroke impacts thousands of people across the UK every year. Survivors of stroke must often manage many long-term challenges. This can make adjusting to life after stroke difficult. This is a topic that is in need of further research.

The aim of this study is to find out how stroke survivors manage life after stroke. The results will help us to understand the important issues that affect life after stroke. The findings of this project could help to create new ways to support survivors. We hope this will help stroke survivors to positively manage their life following stroke.

The study website is https://josephhall29.wixsite.com/lifeafterstroke




Funded by:

Glasgow Caledonian University


Interviews can take place over the phone or via internet communications software (i.e. skype)

Recruitment Criterea:

Participants must:

– Live in Scotland

– Be aged 18 years old or over

– Have been recovering from stroke for 12 months or over

– Be able to provide informed consent to partake in the research


Potential participants will also be required to fill out a brief questionnaire before the interview so more information can be understood about them

Recruitment Contact:

Recruitment End Date: