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Improving Sleep in Rehabilitation After Stroke (INSPIRES)

Have you had a stroke? Would you like to improve your sleep? Researchers at the University of Oxford are looking for volunteers to trial a new six-week online programme for sleep improvement. In this study participants will have the opportunity to use “Sleepio”, an online programme designed for sleep improvement. Sleepio has been shown to improve the sleep quality and duration for individuals with insomnia. This research project is exploring whether the programme is effective for individuals following stroke.

Funded by:

Wellcome Trust


Remote- people can take part from across the UK and there is no need to travel

Recruitment Criterea:

To take part, participants should:

1) Be aged 18 years or older
2) Speak fluent English
3) Have had a stroke over 3 months ago
4) Have current stable health
5) Live in the United Kingdom
6) Have reliable access to the internet
7) Want to improve their sleep

Participants may be unable to take part if they:

1) Have a serious physical health condition with scheduled surgery within the next 5 months
2) Are already undergoing psychological treatment for insomnia
3) Are pregnant
4) Have uncontrolled seizures
5) Have diagnosed untreated obstructive sleep apnoea
6) Are a habitual night shift, evening or rotating shift-worker
7) Have a serious clinical condition that may affect their ability to participate in the study

Recruitment Contact:

  • Name: Dr Melanie Fleming and Ellie Macey, Research Associate and Research Assistant, University of Oxford, Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences
  • Email: sleep-win@ndcn.ox.ac.uk
  • Phone: 07864 800 761

Recruitment End Date: