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Evaluation of a Robotic Stroke Rehabilitation Coaching System

Funded by: EPSRC (The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council)

Location: Earl Mountbatten building, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh campus, EH14 4AS

Recruitment criteria:

The inclusion criteria to be used is as follows:

1. Have a stroke-related arm impairment in one or both sides.

2. Have the required cognitive ability to provide informed consent for the study.

3. 18 years of age or over.

4. Are no longer a patient of an NHS physiotherapist.

Recruitment contact:

  • Name: Martin Ross, PhD Student Heriot-Watt University Mathematical and Computer Sciences (MACS)
  • Email: Mkr30@hw.ac.uk
  • Phone: 07851442325

Recruitment End Date: 24/02/2022

Carrying out rehabilitation exercises regularly has the potential of significantly improving a stroke survivor’s recovery. However, due to physical and cognitive deficiencies, stroke survivors may find it difficult to engage with the rehabilitation required. A robot has the potential to fill this coaching gap and provide extra motivation to adhere to repetitive individual exercises. You will be invited to Heriot-Watt University’s Edinburgh campus on three separate occasions to interact with the robotic rehabilitation coach. During these interactions the robot will guide you through a 30 minute rehabilitation session and will count how many of each exercise you manage to complete.