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Thrombectomy for All

After a tireless campaign by our supporters, staff and volunteers, on December 16th the Scottish Government announced they will reinstate funding for thrombectomy. This a tangible example of the real difference we’re making for people who need us in Scotland.

Thanks to you we gathered over 2,500 signatures for our Thrombectomy for All petition in under two weeks highlighting the fierce support for this life changing surgery that reduces the odds of disability from stroke.

Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland Chief Executive Jane-Claire Judson said:

“We welcome that the Scottish Government has listened to stroke survivors, charities and health professionals and restored funding for developing a national thrombectomy service. This cost-effective and life-changing procedure can make a huge difference to stroke survivors ensuring many more are able to walk again, talk again and live their lives to the full.

“We now need to see work on setting up a 24/7 national service restart as a matter of urgency and a timetable for delivery so that every stroke patient who needs it gets the best chance of living life to the full.”  

A nationwide thrombectomy service could help up to 800 people a year. People like Marion.

We need Thrombectomy for All.

“I’m just grateful I was able to have the treatment, and I think it’s something everyone should be able to get.”

Marion’s Story

Marion Mitchell, 71, lives in Cowdenbeath, Fife. She suffered a stroke in January this year and underwent thrombectomy to remove a blood clot from her brain.

Her daughter, Jackie Park, had been visiting when Marion became unwell. Realising immediately what was happening after seeing the side of her mum’s face had fallen and her speech was slurred, Jackie kept Marion talking and moving until an ambulance arrived.

Initially taken to Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy, Marion was transferred by ambulance to the stroke unit at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee within hours to have the life changing thrombectomy procedure.

Marion spent only four days in hospital and was then supported in her recovery and rehabilitation by our stroke nurse Rhona Martin.

She said: “I didn’t realise anything was wrong until Jackie said she thought I was having a stroke. I don’t remember anything until I woke up in hospital in Dundee. The doctor there was calling me miracle Marion because of the change in me after I’d been admitted.

“I’m just grateful I was able to have the treatment, and I think it’s something everyone should be able to get.”

Marion’s daughter Jackie shares just how lucky they feel as a family to have been able to access this stroke treatment.

Jackie says: “My mum Marion had a stroke in January this year. She was lucky enough to have a thrombectomy. We now realise that without that, she would never have survived or recovered in the way that she did.

I think it’s really important that being able to have a thrombectomy, if you are at that point in your life where you need that intervention, it’s absolutely crucial to have it. Without it, people just wouldn’t survive and have the opportunity to recover like my mum did.”

Why campaigning matters

In 2017, thrombectomy was withdrawn from Scottish hospitals. We successfully campaigned for thrombectomy to be reintroduced, fronted by our supporter and stroke survivor Robert Baldock. Over 4000 people signed our petition, as well as meeting their MSPs and building support across the Scottish Parliament for this life saving treatment.

Thanks to our brilliant supporters, thrombectomy was reintroduced. Since 2020, over 150 surgeries have been performed in Scotland, giving people the best possible outcome from stroke.

We need your help again.

Join our campaign for Thrombectomy for All and help make sure stroke survivors don’t miss out on this vital treatment.

Scotland’s stroke clinicians have joined together to support the thrombectomy campaign.

In an open letter to the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Care, they are urging the Scottish Government to reconsider their plans to cut funding for a national thrombectomy service.

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