Your Stroke Story

Your Stroke Story

Hundreds of people in Scotland are missing out on being able to walk again or hold those they love after a severe stroke.   That’s because they can’t get a life-changing operation called a Thrombectomy on the NHS.

The Scottish Government had promised a decision in January about rolling out a Thrombectomy service – but now the planning has been pushed back by months. That means 600 people this year – 50 a month – could miss out.

Your story could make all the difference in changing the Scottish Government’s mind and getting a promise that we will see Thrombectomies in Scotland in 2019.  

If you have a personal story about stroke and thrombectomy please get in touch.  Maybe you, or your family member, was one of the lucky few to receive one before the service stopped.  Maybe you needed a thrombectomy, but weren’t able to access the treatment.

With your help we can change things and Bring Back Thrombectomy in Scotland.