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Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland are campaigning for the Scottish Government to Bring Back Thrombectomy

xRobert Baldock

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“My name’s Robert. In 2017 I had a severe stroke. It has taken my ability to move easily and to talk. I was lucky enough to receive a thrombectomy – without it things could have been so much worse.


600 stroke patients across Scotland will miss out on this procedure this year unless something changes.


The scariest moment after my stroke was waiting to find out if I was able to receive this life-changing operation. I feel like one of the lucky ones.


It’s time that all patients across Scotland get access to thrombectomy when they need it.


More about thrombectomy

Thrombectomy is a highly specialised procedure that involves physically removing blood clots from the brain. It’s not suitable for everyone after a stroke, but it can help reduce disability and dependency. Unlike in Scotland, it’s available across the rest of the UK and much of Europe.

In 2017, only 13 people in Scotland received a thrombectomy – including Robert. But an estimated 600 people would have benefited from this life-changing procedure.

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