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News > WALK THIS WAY 👣 – join our Health Defence team for a walk

WALK THIS WAY 👣 – join our Health Defence team for a walk

WALK THIS WAY 👣 – join our Health Defence team for a walk at Hamiltonhill Claypits Local Nature Reserve in Glasgow on Friday 16 September, 11am – 1pm.

Our Health Defence team is here to help you make positive changes to your health by raising awareness of healthy living through lifestyle choices, increased exercise and education based on your health and wellbeing needs. 🙌

The walking event is free and aims to be inclusive of all fitness and mobility capabilities. There will be three different routes around the site, and you can choose the route which best suits your ability levels.

The walks will be led by Paths for All’s trained walk leaders who will support and assist walkers as required. 👏

You’ll also be accompanied by someone from Claypits Nature Reserve who will be there to provide insight into the formation and history of the site, as well as answering any questions you may have. 🌿

Post walk, it’s all about the tea, coffee and maybe a cheeky biscuit or two, all provided by the The Courtyard Pantry, a local community-based initiative tackling mental health and social inclusion.

You’ll meet at Scottish Canals Headquarters, 1 Applecross Street, Glasgow G4 9SP.

We’d love to see you there! 🤗 If you’d like to join the walk, contact our Health Defence team on or 0778 771 543.

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