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News > Sudden death of beloved father inspires daughter’s bold head shave challenge

Sudden death of beloved father inspires daughter’s bold head shave challenge

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After the sudden and devastating loss of her dad, John, to a heart attack in January, teenager Zara Frazer decided to shave her head to raise money for Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland.

Zara was used to her mum saying a firm “no!” every time she raised the idea of shaving her hair off.

But last month Zara, 15, did eventually have every bit of her thick, curly hair clippered off – and mum Kirsti Forster could not have been more thrilled.

“I wanted to do something to remember my dad and also as a way of saying thank you to everyone who helped us afterwards,” explains Zara.

“I’d always wanted to shave my head, but mum would never let me until now. I set a target of £200 because I thought that was do-able, but I soon went past that.”

This bold decision has raised £1,160 for Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland. And given the family a platform to say thank you to all the family and friends who rallied round after the tragic loss of Zara’s father to a heart attack.

Braving the shave

“For the shave itself, I sat in my gran’s back garden and my uncle used the clippers on me,” adds Zara.

“It was strange to see my hair falling around me – it didn’t seem real until then!”

For mum Kirsti, there was no question that she’d back Zara’s fundraising plan, although she admits she was nervous about the end product.

“I’d always said no when Zara asked to shave her head, but I couldn’t this time because it was for such a great cause,” says Kirsti.

Teenager Zara braved the shave to raise money in memory of her beloved dad.

“I did wonder if she should be left with some hair, but I was overruled and told a head shave has to be all the way! Her hair is very thick, and there was a lot of it. But it was all gone in about 10 minutes.

“Choosing to get rid of your hair a bold thing for a teenager to do because these are difficult years and not everyone would choose to stand out. But Zara looks amazing, so striking. And everyone has been very complimentary.”

John Frazer was 57 when he died suddenly on January 31. He had an existing heart condition, but family and daughters Zara and Kathryn, 24, have felt his loss particularly keenly.

“I’m so proud of her for what she’s done,” adds Kirsti. “I’m very proud of both of my girls. Kathryn found her dad just after he had died, and it’s been a very traumatic time for them both.”

Saying thank you

Friends of the family set up a GoFundMe to help the girls when they lost their dad, and Zara saw her own GoFundMe as a way of saying thank you to everyone who rallied around.

“We cannot thank everyone enough for all their support, financial and emotional,” adds mum Kirsti.

Zara and mum Kirsti were delighted to raise £1,160 for Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland.

“It’s wonderful for Zara to know she has made a difference with her efforts.

“Zara, who returns to fourth year at Glasgow’s Hyndland Secondary this week, will do so with the tiniest fuzz of hair starting to grow back. And she could not be happier.”

Zara adds: “My friends love it and think it looks great. I’m just pleased to have raised the money for such a good cause as Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland.”

If you would like to tackle your own fundraising challenge in memory of someone special, visit to find out more.

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