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Spanish op saved my Norrie

Norrie Jenkins, 76, was in Majorca for his stepson’s wedding when he suffered a serious stroke in summer 2018. Here his partner Annie describes that terrifying day and why thrombectomy treatment may have saved his life.

We arrived in Majorca for my son’s wedding and everything was just perfect. The next morning we woke up and I popped out for a matter of minutes. When I came back, I saw Norrie slumped on a bench outside our apartment.

Being a nurse, I knew it was a stroke right away

I felt instantly sickened thinking we’d made the wrong choice in coming out, and then of course there was the language barrier of trying to explain we needed an ambulance right away.

But the decision to go to Spain meant that Norrie could get the best possible recovery since doctors were able to perform a thrombectomy when the thrombolysis didn’t work.

I was amazed to see him speaking again

Once the procedure was over, Norrie was transferred to intensive care and I could finally see him.

I was absolutely amazed that he was able to speak again, although he was still quite confused. He also had regained movement to his arm and leg.

When we returned to Scotland I spoke to a friend, who is also a health professional, about what happened to Norrie.

Norrie was lucky he had his stroke in Spain

I couldn’t believe it when he told me Norrie was lucky he had his stroke in Spain because thrombectomy isn’t available in Scotland.

Without thrombectomy treatment, Norrie may have been paralysed for life and left unable to speak. Our family is one of the lucky ones and that just isn’t fair.

Thrombectomy must be available in Scotland

The care for stroke survivors in Scotland used to be considered one of the best in the world.

But now we seem to be lagging behind many other countries including England and Northern Ireland.

I welcome the movement towards a thrombectomy service in Scotland but it must be available to everyone who needs it as a matter of urgency.

Thanks to your campaigning support, the Scottish Government have committed to opening thrombectomy centres in Scotland. Find out more about Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland campaigns and have your voice heard today by visiting

People are leaving hospital feeling scared and alone. You can change that.

Your donation can help people do more than just survive – you can help them really live.


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