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News > Rising costs: people with our conditions need our help more than ever

Rising costs: people with our conditions need our help more than ever

We’re all feeling really worried about rising costs and for some of the people we support the impact could be devastating.

We want to do everything we can to make sure people with chest, heart and stroke conditions are getting the support they desperately need.

Our recent survey of nearly 400 people living with our conditions and carers found that 97% are worried about rising costs and 64% are worried about the impact on their physical or mental health.

Many people we support are unable to work due to the debilitating nature of their condition and they’re terrified they won’t be able to survive the winter.

The Scottish Government’s plans to address the cost of living don’t do enough to support people with chest, heart and stroke conditions.

We’re urging the UK government to take action on energy costs and calling on the Scottish Government to make sure support is in place for people living with long-term conditions.

If you’re living with a chest, heart or stroke condition, or caring for someone who is, and you’d like to share your experiences to support our campaign, please get in touch by emailing

It’s such a worry

Linda Hamlet, 50, lives in Aberdeenshire with her husband and two sons. After contracting Covid-19 in October 2021, she now has the debilitating symptoms of Long Covid, including breathing difficulties, severe brain fog and headaches, and has been unable to return to her job in the oil industry.

She says: “I’m trying not to look at the news because the cost-of-living crisis is such a worry. We’ve just come off a fixed energy deal and can already see the costs creeping up. It’s such a worry.”

Linda, who is living with the debilitating effects of Long Covid, is concerned about how the rising cost of living will affect her family.

“We sold our other car because the costs were just ridiculous to run it. I’ve bought cosy fleecy wraps with hoods for the family to wear in the house because I’m not putting on the heating during the day. It’s just too expensive. My husband has also been making modifications around the house to cut out all the draughts and make the place warmer.

“I have limited income now because I’m not well enough to work and every penny counts as winter approaches.

“My Long Covid symptoms continue to be debilitating – I now have to use two inhalers to help with my breathing and the brain fog and other symptoms are worse than ever. I struggle with my memory and concentration. Some days It’s even hard to figure out simple things like how to work the washing machine.

“I do feel fortunate that I still have some money coming in, but I know it may not last due to my ongoing health issues.

“Following regular consultations with my doctor, he told me he sees so many patients with Long Covid who are having to go on to anti-depressants because of the effect the symptoms have on their mental health. That’s what it means to live with a chronic health condition.

“The last thing people like us need is to have to worry about the future and how we’re going to pay our bills or keep the lights on.”

If you would like to find out more about how we are campaigning to make sure support is available for people with chest, heart and stroke conditions during the cost of living crisis, please join our Campaigner Network for all the latest news and different ways to get involved:

People are leaving hospital feeling scared and alone. You can change that.

Your donation can help people do more than just survive – you can help them really live.


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