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New health walking group encourages Nairn to get moving

A new health walk for those recovering from chest, heart or stroke is on the move in Nairn.

Established by Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland and the Inverness-based charity Partnerships for Wellbeing (P4W), the weekly walk got off the ground in March 2022.

Six keen walkers and four volunteer leaders were part of the first intrepid outing.

Douglas Sewell is a long-time volunteer with Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland and has been involved in setting up the new venture.

He says: “Through Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland, I’ve been taking stroke survivors out for a walk after they get out of hospital. But that only lasts for eight to 12 weeks, depending on their needs.

“We wanted something more long term that people could progress to. And so, between Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland and P4W, we now have a group in Nairn that will do short walks every week that anyone who wants to become fitter and healthier can join.

“At the moment our route will either be along the promenade or the river, but the meeting point will stay the same because it’s a spacious car park with toilet facilities and cafes nearby. That’s important as many of our first walkers were in the 65-plus age bracket, and we should never underestimate the power of a cup of tea and a natter, especially after a nice walk. We are looking at developing more routes to ensure variety.

“We’ve had seven people sign up so far, and we’re advertising through the community newsletter, Nairn Community Centre, pharmacists and GP surgeries to encourage more people to come along.”

The walks are all relatively easy, low level and last around an hour. For more information, go to or contact Kate Thomson at

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