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News > Morayshire Man says ‘Thank You’ to Health Charity on World Heart Day

Morayshire Man says ‘Thank You’ to Health Charity on World Heart Day

On World Heart Day (Fri 29th Sept) Daniel Morgan, who lives in Keith, Morayshire, is saying ‘thank you’ to Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland for supporting his recovery.

Daniel Morgan, 44, lives in Keith, Morayshire, with his wife Alison. Originally from Leeds in Yorkshire, Daniel had a heart attack when he was 38 years old and began to suffer from depression and anxiety living with a long-term heart condition.

“None of this was imaginable a year ago. I had real anxiety about my health. I didn’t feel there was anywhere to turn. Paula changed all of that. I can’t thank her and Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland enough.”

After moving to the north of Scotland to be closer to family, he was put in touch with Paula Leask, Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland’s Community Support Services Coordinator in the area, who is supporting him in his recovery.

This World Heart Day – September 29 – Daniel is paying tribute to the help and support of Paula and CHSS that switched everything from negative to positive in his life.

Daniel said: “I don’t know where I’d be without Paula. My wife has been incredible and has done everything for me. She’s been by my side through all of this and has gone through so much with me.

“But Paula has really changed my life. I class her as my superhero.

“A year ago, I wouldn’t go out. Now I go for walks on my own. I started taking photographs of the aircraft coming in and out of the local airbase, and Paula encouraged me to take photography up as a hobby. Now I run my own Facebook group, I’ve got a drone and I’m taking aerial pictures for local businesses.

“None of this was imaginable a year ago. I had real anxiety about my health. I didn’t feel there was anywhere to turn. Paula changed all of that. I can’t thank her and Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland enough.”

Seeking Support

There had been no hint there was anything seriously wrong with Daniel before he spent six months being plagued by a burning sensation in his chest. His GP in his hometown of Leeds told him it was heartburn that he’d learn to live with.

Daniel, a window fitter, was fit and healthy, cycling six miles a day, going fishing regularly and walking his dog Missy, a staffie-collie cross, every day. He credits Missy for wakening him on the night he had a heart attack and for alerting Alison to the crisis unfolding downstairs where he had collapsed.

After the heart attack, Daniel was fitted with a stent at hospital in Sheffield before being moved to Barnsley for post-operative care.

Unable to return to work, Daniel fell into a depression and felt severe anxiety, worried every twinge in his chest was another heart attack. His anxiety got so bad he stopped going out.

He recalled: “When I came out of hospital, I was on my own. I didn’t get any help at all. I still say to this day that if we hadn’t moved up here, I wouldn’t be here. I ended up in some dark places, but the doctor wasn’t supportive and just told me to get on with things.

“Alison’s sister was in Keith, so we decided to move from Yorkshire. Then Covid-19 happened, so I was still left without any support except from Alison and from my neighbour Bell who has been a great help.

“Then I was referred to see an occupational therapist and he put me in touch with Paula about a year ago. That changed everything. Paula has been fantastic.”

Taking Small Steps

Paula met regularly with Daniel, helping to rebuild his confidence by setting small goals for him. His progress has been so good that today he’s out walking on his phone and has taken his newly found passion for photography to new levels, working with local companies to take aerial shots of their businesses.

He’s learning to live with the reality of having a long-term heart condition and says he no longer frets over every twinge or jump in his heartbeat. And he’s enjoying daily walks with Missy and with their other dog, Rottweiler Ruby who has joined the family since.

Daniel does want his heart attack to act as a warning to others who might not push for more investigation of heartburn or unexplained chest pain.

He said: “I’d say to anyone young like me, fit like me, don’t take no for an answer when you know there’s something wrong.

“I am now doing things that I couldn’t have imagined a year ago. I’ve got a Facebook page for pictures that people can add to. The other day I was out for seven hours on my own. There’s no way I would have done that before I met Paula. Everyone needs a superhero like her for their recovery.”

Paula Leask, CHSS coordinator, said: “Daniel shows us what a life well lived looks like and what hope there is beyond our health conditions. We can’t change what has happened to someone, but we can help them through tough times. At CHSS, we don’t want our lives to be led by our conditions but led by the person. Working together we can make a difference.

“Daniel is an inspiration and has made incredible progress, achieving more every day and doing an amazing job. I’m very proud to work with him.”

You can view Daniel’s photos here.

If you or someone you know is looking for support please get in touch with our Advice Line who can provide information about chest, heart and stroke conditions or Long Covid and can be contacted at 0808 801 0899 or at

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