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News > Lifelong football fan auctions off precious medal collection to help stroke survivors

Lifelong football fan auctions off precious medal collection to help stroke survivors

Billy Brown, 69, from Ardrossan, decided to part with some of his precious football medals to raise vital funds for Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland, after he was moved by local stroke survivor Derek’s appeal to help the charity.

Derek Stewart, 46, from Saltcoats, issued an emotional appeal urging people to support the charity that helped him get his life back as they continued to lose £500,000 per month of income during lockdown. Derek shared his story and talked about the vital help and support the charity has given him and continues to give him during his stroke recovery journey. 

Derek suffered a massive stroke in 2017.  Derek’s stroke left him unable to speak, unable to walk and his children had to go and live with their grandparents.

Giving back

Billy’s daughter, Allison Lee works for Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland as a Community Services Coordinator. Allison has been supporting Derek to rebuild his life since 2017. His speech has improved, he can talk again, he can write using his left hand and his walking is getting better every day.

When Billy saw Derek’s appeal and knew the massive impact the charity’s services have on people’s lives, he was eager to do whatever he could to help.

Billy lives his wife Beth, has three grown up children and 3 grandchildren, and has been collecting football medals for many years. He has followed football his whole life, playing in his younger days and laterally he volunteered at his local football ground, Ardrossan Winton Rovers.

His love of the game led him to start his collection of football medals many years ago and after seeing Derek’s appeal he wanted to give something back to the charity. The only way he felt he could do this was to sell some of his medals.

Helping others

“Me and Derek often bump into each other and we always stop for a blether, mostly about the football and that’s why, after I’d seen his video asking people to donate to Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland,  I thought that selling some off some of my medal collection might be a nice touch to help with his appeal,” explains Billy.

“The charity got involved and we are now selling the medals through McTears the Auctioneers which is fantastic. The eight medals date from 1915 – 1968, will appear in their catalogue and will be auctioned off at the end of the month.  It’s all very exciting.”

“I’m so proud of Allison and the work that she does and when you see the impact that her help and support has made to Derek’s life, it made me want to help.  I’m not sure how much money my medals will raise but I know that anything I can raise will make sure that others get the help that they need.”

Derek was touched to hear that Billy was auctioning off some of his medals following on from his appeal.

“I am so grateful to Billy for doing that. Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland’s support through Allison has been incredible,” he adds.

“I am still recovering from my stroke and I’m hoping one day I will be well enough for my children Leo and Demi to come home with me so we can live together again.

“It can be hard sometimes, especially in lockdown, but with Allison’s help I’m staying positive and feeling good about the future.”

To find out how you can help stroke survivors like Derek, visit:

People are leaving hospital feeling scared and alone. You can change that.

Your donation can help people do more than just survive – you can help them really live.


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