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Spreading kindness in lockdown

When Johnny found out he was being furloughed, he decided to use his time to help others by becoming a Kindness Caller.

Jonny, a 44-year-old dental service engineer from Maryhill in Glasgow, recently signed up for Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland’s Kindness Volunteer programme to help vulnerable people across Scotland.

Feeling inspired

“When I found out I was going to be furloughed, I decided I wanted to get off my bahookie and do something worthwhile with my time,” he explains.

“That night, it was the first clap for carers at 8pm. I went out my front door and was totally blown away. Everyone was cheering, clapping, singing and banging pots and pans all to celebrate frontline workers. It was just amazing.

“It was so overwhelming and it gave me an incredible lift seeing everyone coming together to do something so positive. It brought to life just how important it is to feel connected to people right now.

“It made me feel thankful for what I’ve got, and it spurred me on to help others who might need support right now.”

Spreading kindness

Inspired by this community spirit, Jonny decided to sign up for our Kindness Volunteer programme. He quickly settled on the Kindness Caller role, which would see him making regular calls to someone in need, offering a friendly, listening ear and company for those feeling isolated.

“After my training, I had my first call with a lady who lives nearby in Glasgow,” Jonny explains. “She can’t leave the house because of her severe asthma, so she feels a bit stuck right now.

“I’ve really enjoyed our chats over the phone. We have a lot in common and we even realised we used to go to the same clubs in Glasgow a few years back!

I think it’s a fantastic charity and by joining together in these difficult times we can get through it.

“She can’t get shopping in at the moment so I’m hoping to help her with this. I’m more than happy to do any practical tasks and pick up anything she needs, like food or medicine.

“It’s nice to know I can do something to help her, so she doesn’t have to worry about running out of food.”

Jonny has found his role very rewarding so far, and has even encouraged his mum to sign up too.

Because of people like Jonny, vulnerable Scots won’t have to face coronavirus alone.

If you – or someone you know – would benefit from our Kindness Services, including regular calls, picking up medicine, delivering shopping and dog walking, please fill in your details here or give our Advice Line a call on 0808 801 0899.

People are leaving hospital feeling scared and alone. You can change that.

Your donation can help people do more than just survive – you can help them really live.


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