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News > June is Aphasia Awareness Month and this year’s theme is #AphasiaTogether

June is Aphasia Awareness Month and this year’s theme is #AphasiaTogether

June is Aphasia Awareness Month and this year’s theme is #AphasiaTogether, emphasising that those with the condition don’t need to deal with this on their own.

While it is crucial people living with aphasia know as much as possible about their condition, it’s equally as important for those who don’t have aphasia to understand more about it.

Aphasia can affect a person’s ability to speak, understand, read, write and use numbers. It does not affect intelligence.

We asked members of our aphasia support groups to come up with their advice for those who may be encountering the condition for the first time.

Here is their advice:

  • Ask people with aphasia about their condition. Find out what their main challenges are and how you can help make communication with them and for them easier.
  • If you are in a group with a person or people with aphasia, always speak one at a time.
  • Take time to give the person your full attention.
  • Aphasia is a disorder that affects processing and communication. It does not affect a person’s intelligence.
  • Writing things down can be useful for some people, especially important details such as dates, times and arrangements.
  • Hand gestures and obvious facial expressions can help some people with aphasia. Don’t be afraid to use these tools.
  • Don’t be afraid or embarrassed by any silences or when communication is tricky. The priority for the person with aphasia is the interaction itself.

People are leaving hospital feeling scared and alone. You can change that.

Your donation can help people do more than just survive – you can help them really live.


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