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Innovation in stroke care – Tailored Talks

Recovery after a stroke (and other conditions) can be an ongoing process and Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland are here to help you access the appropriate support you need: from hospital to recovery at home.

We currently provide a wide range of information and support to people who have had a stroke and their families. As well as continually working to expand our range of resources and support. Our most recent innovation is using ‘Tailored Talks’ digital technology to support people to actively participate in the shared decision making process of their treatments and care. In partnership with Pogo Studios, NHS Lothian, and other expert neurological health organisations, we are developing a range of health information for you to discuss with healthcare professional, to help you understand your stroke and improve how services can support you through your recovery.
To find out more, you can read our report
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Beyond these new innovations, our existing health factsheets and guides will help you to understand your stroke or TIA, manage your condition and find the right support to help you get back to living life to the full. To access our range of stroke (and other conditions) health information visit our resources hub.

People are leaving hospital feeling scared and alone. You can change that.

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