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How Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland is improving accessibility

Accessibility is something that’s really important to us. We understand that everyone has different needs and abilities – including people living with the effects of chest, heart and stroke conditions.

Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day, so we wanted to highlight just one of the ways we are making our charity more accessible – our website! 👏

You may have noticed that we recently launched a shiny new website✨ and accessibility was a key focus for us throughout planning, creating and launching the website.

We’ve made sure the website is accessible to everyone by:

🔸 Using simple, easy-to-understand language
🔸 Increasing the size of text and headings to make them stand out
🔸 Ensuring pages aren’t cluttered, with plenty of white space and clear text
🔸 Designing it to work well on different devices like mobiles and tablets
🔸 Making sure devices like screen readers can easily navigate through the website
🔸 And lots more!

We’ve received great feedback from people who use our services, our volunteers and members of our peer support groups, who found the new website much easier to navigate, more user-friendly and more engaging.

We will continue to improve and update the website, taking on board feedback from our users and ensuring it continues to meet web accessibility standards.

Check it out for yourself! 👉

People are leaving hospital feeling scared and alone. You can change that.

Your donation can help people do more than just survive – you can help them really live.


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