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STARs (Stroke Training & Awareness Resources)

Updating you on STARs & HEARTe ‘Modules Makeover’

This message contains important information to keep you up to date on the progress of STARs (Core Competencies and Advancing) & HEARTe free online learning resources upgrade work.

The STARs Core Competencies & Advancing Modules will be ready to launch on 17th July which contains a new ‘Hyperacute Stroke Treatments including Thrombolysis & Thrombectomy’ module.

Therefore please be advised that from the 17th July 2020, STARs e-Learning resources will be accessed at:


  • If you have the current STARs URLs bookmarked, you will be redirected to the new location.
  • The page layout will be a little different, but you should find the resources easier to use and navigate whether you are using your PC, tablet or phone.
  • We recommend you revisit the resources regularly to keep up to date with latest clinical guidance, even if you have already completed modules assessments and certificates.
  • Please be aware that the STARs websites will not be available for a short period of time while this work is done. Notifications will be posted on the websites informing you when this is due to take place.

For the time being HEARTe resources will continue to be accessed at:


For more information on this important ‘Modules Makeover’ work please contact Katrina McCormick CHSS e-Learning Project Manager:

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