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Welcome to the Health Defence Blog - a blog about health, wellness and a healthier you. Brought to you by the Health Defence team at Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland, you'll find up-to-date information on a range of topics from what's in your food to the latest advice on e-cigarettes!


Megan - Health Promotion Specialist

June 22, 2018

The low down on caffeine – how addicted are you?

That ‘buzz’ you get from a cup of coffee or energy drink comes from the caffeine content in these drinks. Caffeine makes us feel more alert and reduces tiredness but…


Megan - Health Promotion Specialist

June 1, 2018

Should you introduce Fika into your workplace?  

Fi…what?! I think our Scandi neighbours might be onto something special. Hint: it involves cinnamon buns and drinking coffee with colleagues  … you’ll want to find out about this special…


Megan - Health Promotion Specialist

May 11, 2018

Ever thought that sleeping at work could be a good thing?

Have you ever thought about sneaking off for a nap at work? Yes… Well perhaps you should. Studies suggest that a nap can improve alertness, performance and reduce mistakes. Perhaps…


Megan - Health Promotion Specialist

April 27, 2018

Managing stress in the workplace

1 in every 6 workers in Scotland experiences problems related to mental health or stress. Everyone feels stressed or anxious sometimes. It is a normal part of life. But feeling…


Guest blogger: Caitrian Guthrie - CHSS Heart-E Project Manager

March 29, 2018

Digital danger! Do you need a digital detox? #unplugged

I am old enough to remember the days when the only phones we had were landlines, when multiple people in an office shared one computer (that was so large it…


Guest blogger: Jude Misson, CHSS Health Information Manager

March 11, 2018

Working from home – pros and cons for you & your employer

When I first started working from home in the late 80’s, there was a lot of “oh, working from home tomorrow?” wink, wink, from my office colleagues. Since then, attitudes to…

Hilary Stevenson

Guest blogger: Hilary Stevenson - CHSS Participation & Training Manager

February 19, 2018

Time’s up on sticky keyboards and “working lunches”

Today the average time taken to eat lunch is roughly 15 minutes.  I admit it. I am guilty of not taking time for myself at lunchtime. I don’t know why…

CHSS Advice Line nurse Laura Hastings, July 2013.

Guest blogger: Laura Hastings, CHSS Lead Advice Line Nurse

January 26, 2018

Understanding ‘good’ and ‘bad’ cholesterol – know your numbers

More than half of adults in Scotland have high cholesterol, which increases the risk of developing serious health conditions including heart disease and stroke.  This is because cholesterol build-up narrows…


Megan - Health Promotion Specialist

January 4, 2018

Make a New Year’s resolution … that lasts!

It’s that time of year again. Christmas has been and gone… and it’s time to start thinking about the year ahead and what you want to achieve. Don’t be one…

Annie Anderson

Guest blogger: Professor Annie Anderson - Scottish Cancer Prevention Network

December 15, 2017

Giving for health – the only Christmas list you need this year!

Stuck for gift ideas this Christmas? This is a must read! Brought to you from our friends over at the Scottish Cancer Prevention Network (SCPN), our guest blogger Annie Anderson…

***Disclaimer: always seek medical advice before starting a new diet, exercise regime or medication. The information in these articles is not a substitute for professional advice from a GP, registered dietitian or other health practitioner.

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