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Megan - Health Promotion Specialist

December 3, 2017

Eat, drink and be merry they say! But surviving the party season without endless sair heids and an expanding waistline takes some forward planning. This is your Christmas party survival guide...

Eat, drink and be 'healthy':

  • First things first, it’s Christmas, so enjoy yourself. Think about what you love most at Christmas and allow yourself a small splurge. Remember that one day won’t spoil your diet, but eating mince pies every day in December might 😉
  • Plan ahead – just like you shouldn’t go food shopping when you’re hungry, don’t arrive at your Christmas party starving – you’re more likely to make a bee-line for the buffet!
  • Step away – it’s easy to keep eating the nibbles just because they’re there. Move away from the food table and you’re less likely to go back for second… third… or fourth helpings.
  • Count the canapé sticks – despite their size, canapes are often packed with calories. Keep track of how many you’ve had by holding onto the sticks!
  • At the meal – enjoy an entrée or dessert (not both), fill your plate up with veggies first, don’t be tempted by seconds, and limit fried foods and condiments.
  • Stay hydrated – dehydration can often be mistaken for hunger, so have a few glasses of water before you leave the house, keep your water glass handy throughout the meal and enjoy a mocktail between alcoholic drinks. 
  • Con your colleagues – don’t fancy a two-day sair heid? Order a low-alcohol wine/beer or soda & lime (hold the vodka) – people won’t bother you when they see something that looks alcoholic. Not sure what's in your drink? Get the low-down on alcohol here
  • Hit the dance floor – burn calories and avoid the buffet table at the same time, it’s a win-win!
  • Hit the hay – the run up to Christmas can be exhausting, schedule some down-time in your diary, put on a Christmas film and kick-back!
  • The day after… if you’ve failed to follow the above, all is not lost. Get up, enjoy a healthy breakfast (like poached eggs on toast), get in a brisk walk, press the reset button and get back on track. Roll on New Year’s resolutions!

Merry Christmas from Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland 🙂

***Disclaimer: always seek medical advice before starting a new diet, exercise regime or medication. The information in these articles is not a substitute for professional advice from a GP, registered dietitian or other health practitioner.

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