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Inquiry into Atrial Fibrillation in Scotland

Cross Party Group meeting

The Cross Party Group (CPG) on Heart Disease and Stroke is holding an Inquiry into Atrial Fibrillation (AF) diagnosis, treatment and care in Scotland. The Inquiry will gather information from clinicians, people living with AF and others with an interest in AF services in Scotland.

The CPG is made up of a group of Members of the Scottish Parliament, clinicians, policy staff and people with experience of heart disease or stroke.

What is Atrial Fibrillation?

Atrial Fibrilation (AF) is one of the most common forms of abnormal heart rhythm and a major cause of stroke.

What will the Inquiry cover?

The Inquiry will look into diagnosis, treatment and care of people in Scotland living with AF. Evidence will be gathered from a wide range of individuals and organisations with an interest in AF – including patients, clinicians and commissioners.

How will people living with AF be involved?

In order to ensure that a broad range of experiences from people with AF will be fed into the Inquiry, we have drafted a specific consultation document for people living with AF.

We also plan to organise at least one roundtable discussion after the initial consultation has ended so that people living with AF have an opportunity to discuss and feedback about the issues raised during the consultation stage.

What will be the result?

The plan is to publish and launch a report of the findings in January 2018. This will be a discussion document, with the aim of informing members of the CPG about the issues, raising awareness more widely, and recommending courses of action for the CPG to take when engaging with the Scottish Government and the National Advisory Committees on Heart Disease and Stroke.

How can I take part?

If you wish to share your views you can do so through answering the questions in these surveys, which close on 15th September 2017: