If you have a long-term health condition finding insurance products such as travel or motor insurance can be difficult. It can be a very frustrating process and to help with this we have compiled a list of sympathetic insurance companies that may be able to help people living with chest conditions such as COPD, bronchiectasis and IPF.

It's really important to declare all your past and present health conditions and medications. If you leave out important information this can result in your claim being refused.

As well as specific insurance providers, many banks, building societies, shops and credit card companies offer insurance services for their customers so it is worth checking to see what they can offer you too. It is always worth shopping around for the best deals.

Travel insurance

Your travel agent may not be able to provide adequate cover for you if you want to travel and have specific health problems. Sometimes more specialised insurance policies are more suitable. Ask as many questions as you can about exactly what your cover will provide, e.g. does it cover transport home for you and your family?

Your travel insurance needs to cover you for any medical costs that may arise in connection with your chest condition, including the costs of travel in an air ambulance if you were to become too ill to travel on a commercial flight. Your doctor may also have to supply a fitness-to-fly letter.

Check your insurance cover with your insurance company prior to any journey.

European Health Insurance card (EHIC)

The EHIC can entitle UK citizens to free or reduced-cost medical treatment in many European countries. While it is important to have an EHIC, it does not replace travel insurance so it's important to have both.

You can apply for a free card by:

EHICs expire after 5 years. Please note: EHIC cards are free; watch out for websites that charge you to process your application.

Driving insurance

If you need specialist driving insurance such as for disabled drivers, wheelchair adapted cars, cover for mobility equipment, then there are specialist companies such as Blue Badge Mobility Insurance.

For more information call the Advice Line nurses on 0808 801 0899.