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Zio Patch Research

Rob’s heart stopped for 24 seconds. Without Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland’s research it might have stopped forever.

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Zio Patch Research Rob

“35 people giving £10 each could buy vital research equipment like the Zio Patch that saved my life”

Rob Hannigan, 47, lives in Edinburgh with his wife and young family. Rob works in risk management for a bank but two years ago he faced the biggest risk of all – losing his life.

In April 2016, Rob began having a number of unexplained blackouts. After the third and most serious blackout while he was at work, Rob was rushed to hospital.

“I had suddenly gone from being a healthy youngish man with a young family and no worries or concerns to someone who was housebound and had to be looked after all the time. I didn’t know if I would be able to drive, work or be a husband or father again. It was frightening, totally frightening.”

“The trial, the results and the surgery have given me my life back. I now have the opportunity to have a future with my family, to go back to work and to lead a normal life and most importantly, to see my children grow up. These are gifts you just have to grab.

While he was in hospital, Rob became involved in the PATCH-ED trial run by the EMERGE Research Team at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. He hoped the trial might be able to explain why he was fainting and what was happening to him. Three weeks later, Rob was shocked to see the results that came back. Over a two week period, his heart had stopped beating four times and once for a full 24 seconds. Within 24 hours Rob was back in hospital and having a pacemaker fitted.

Zio Patch Research

“I am a real life example of how donations can change lives. Please support Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland so that more dedicated Research Teams across the country can continue their life-changing, and in my case, life-saving work.”

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For more information on the PATCH-ED trial run by the EMERGE Research Team at the Emergency Department, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary click here

Zio Patch research Rob sitting in a chair

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