Payroll Giving

Make lives worth Living – Take up Payroll Giving

One simple action can make a big difference to the 1 in 11 people in Scotland living with chest, heart and stroke conditions.

Payroll giving is an easy, tax effective way of helping us to plan for the future to support the growing number of people living with these life changing conditions.

How it works
You choose how much you want to donate and it is then deducted from your pay before tax. So if you’re donating £20 (which will fund 1 hour of nursing care) this will mean that £16 is taken from your take home pay and only £12 if you’re a higher rate tax payer

Sign up to give £5 £10 £20
Cost to you 20% tax payer £4 £8 £16
Cost to you 40% tax payer £3 £6 £12

How to sign up
Arrange your donation directly with your HR or payroll department

To find out about how you can become a payroll giver please contact Zoë

Tel: 0300 1212555

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