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What Is White Water Rafting?

Our White Water Rafting Challenge combines an exciting 3 mile flat water race to get your team warmed up before the exhilarating experience of ‘shooting the rapids’ on the internationally graded River Tay. Your team will experience some of the fastest white water in Scotland between Aberfeldy and Grandtully in Highland Perthshire and your crew will be pushed to their limits for 2hrs of intense physical competition and heart stopping action.

Does your team have what it takes to conquer the White Water Rafting challenge?

Your team of 8 intrepid paddlers will be well-looked after, fully supervised and continually pushed and motivated throughout the challenge by experienced raft instructors who remain with their teams at all times to ensure your safety and your success!

All facilities and equipment are provided by the rafting centre and everyone is warmly welcomed on arrival with a glass of low alcohol ‘Bucks Fizz’ and a hot breakfast roll. On completion of your challenge, there is a well-deserved warming two-course buffet at the adjacent Inn on the Tay to rejuvenate you!

The rafting challenges take place in the morning and afternoons on each of the event days and your team can choose which session and which day when registering.

Everyone completing the challenge receives a souvenir medal and each team gets a White Water Rafting Certificate to commemorate their achievement. The coveted ‘WWR Trophy’ is awarded to the winners of the river race section. All money raised will be used by Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland to change the lives of people living through the toughest of circumstances. It costs almost £1,000 a year to provide all the specialist care and equipment that a person disabled through stroke will require to attend one of our support groups.

More Details!

SAFETY - CHSS places the highest priority on ensuring the health and safety of everyone

involved with every aspect of their events and implements a range of adequate control measures

to achieve this. CHSS employ Freespirits Ltd as the qualified and competent activity provider

for the White Water Rafting Challenge. Teams receive detailed safety briefings and rafting

instruction and will be accompanied by a qualified raft instructor at all times on the water

EQUIPMENT - A wet suit, buoyancy aid and safety helmet will be provided.You only need to bring old trainers or similar footwear for the rafting and plenty of nice warm clothing for when you get back… and don’t forget the towel!

REFRESHMENTS - In addition to the food provided to the teams, the award

winning ‘Inn on the Tay’, is open for snacks, tea/coffee, etc. Full bar facilities are also available.

WATCHING THE ACTION - There are lots of vantage points along the course of the river from

which spectators can view the race and take photographs. Our favourites are from Wade’s

Bridge at Aberfeldy, just downstream from the start of each race, or from the shoreline beside

the white water rapids at the hotel – approximately 1½ - 2 hours after the start of each race.

Event staff will be pleased to give your spectators advice and help on how to get to these and

other vantage points.


How do we enter a Team?

·         Identify a team of 8 intrepid paddlers; nominate a team captain, come up with a catchy team name!

·         See if your company or organisation will support your challenge

·         You can complete a ‘team entry form’ available from val.low@chss.org.uk  or call 0300 12 12 777

·         We ask each challenge team to raise a minimum sponsorship for CHSS of £1000 per team (that’s only £125 per person)

·         We will support and help you with your challenge and sponsorship raising throughout

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