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You can be the difference between someone just surviving and really living.

Every penny you donate will go towards making sure people across Scotland get the support they desperately need as they return home from hospital.

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How your donations help


Funds a call to our Advice Line nurses who can support anyone worried about or struggling with the effects of chest, heart and stroke conditions.

Donate £10


Provides an hour of vital one-to-one support at home to help somebody adjust after a hospital stay.

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Helps to train a volunteer Kindness Caller to ensure that there’s always somebody at the other end of the line for people who feel isolated after a stroke or chronic health condition.

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You can make sure stroke survivors in Scotland get the support they need after returning home from hospital.

Last year, Troy, 53 from East Lothian suffered a stroke leading to the ‘darkest time of his life.’

Read Troy’s story

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