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Stroke Research

Join the Stroke Care Revolution


The future of stroke care starts with you

Rehabilitation is a lifeline that helps stroke survivors get their lives back. But cutting-edge rehabilitation technology and support is out of reach of most people in Scotland. Your support can change that.

We’ve joined together with the University of Strathclyde to kick start a revolution in stroke care in Scotland that will transform care for survivors and reduce pressures on our NHS.

You can help to create the future of stroke care in Scotland by donating to the Stroke Care Revolution Fund.


How the partnership works

Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland and academics at the University of Strathclyde’s world leading Department of Biomedical Engineering are working together to integrate cutting-edge research in areas like robotics and computer gaming technology with CHSS’s Hospital to Home services.

The partnership is in its first phase of development. It will, over the next twelve months, integrate the work of engineers at Strathclyde and Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland’s Hospital to Home stroke services. This will provide opportunities for people to take part in cutting edge recovery research and transform wraparound recovery support.

In the first phase, the work of the partnership is open to people in the West of Scotland. Then, we hope that using the insight generated from stroke survivors going through the centre, the technology developed and programmes generated will then be made available in community settings across the country.

What do stroke survivors say?

“And if something like this could be available across the country, it would be even better.”

Linda Hanlin suffered a stroke in January 2014 which left her with mobility issues on her left side. She is part of the first group to use the stroke rehabilitation unit at Strathclyde.

She says the two-hour sessions – 90 minutes spent doing the various exercises with time to rest in between – fly past. She’d love to have more of them as she sees her mobility and movement improve.

She said: “I didn’t feel in control of my walking when I first went on the treadmill, and I couldn’t walk on it. Then I thought, no, big girl’s pants on, just do it!
“I love the sessions, even though they go so quickly. I think the long-term plan is that this unit will act like a drop-in gym for those who need it, which would be fantastic. And if something like this could be available across the country, it would be even better. It would be a shame for people to miss out because of their postcode.”

What is the Stroke Care Revolution Fund?

We have set up the fund to:

  • Integrate our Hospital to Home services with the work of the centre at Strathclyde.
  • To spread the cutting-edge innovations from the partnership across the country.


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